Save up to 30% on UK prices.

We offer fixed prices without dark corners. Our aim is to give you time and space to recover from your procedure and plan ahead for this self-funded procedure. All prices include : 

  • hospital expenses ( overnight stay)
  • surgeon and surgeon assistant fees,
  • anaesthetist fees,
  • TTA medication
  • as well as transport from and to the hospital and the airport. 

Medical services providers abroad offer an opportunity to receive high-level treatment in robotic-assisted gynecological surgery with the cost of standard laparoscopy. Patients benefit from advances in medicine experiencing ease of recovery and all the advantages of minimally invasive procedures at affordable treatment prices.

Medical treatment varies among patients. We will be able to provide you with an individual cost plan. Predicted treatment costs will be subject to the complexity of each case and adjusted to the length of stay for each case. 

Surgical service from the UK trained fellowship doctors.

Treatment cost in Greece is lower than Germany or the UK as far as robotic surgery is concerned. You can receive state of the art robotic services at the expense of conventional laparoscopy—no need for sacrifices in treatment efficiency and quality. Our surgeons are NHS trained doctors and Intuitive surgery certified robotic surgeons.

All cases are performed in state of the art operation rooms dedicated to robotic-assisted procedures. Our team of specialists consists of anesthesiologist and OR personnel certified in managing robotic-assisted surgical cases. Their fees will be calculated in the price that will be announced to you.

Professional medical advice, medication, hospital stay and surgery fees will be included in the final price as well.

We can organize all aspects of your stay for you after you get discharged until you are fit to fly. Same thing issues for your family members as well. The vast majority of cases require overnight stay in the hospital and a few days to comply with IATA regulation and be able to get on board.

Additional fees will be applied if additional diagnostic investigations are needed. Accomodation and airplane ticket services not included.

We offer you the privillege to receive high standard robot assisted surgical services at the cost of conventional laparoscopy.

Dr. Plevris

Minimally Invasive Gynecologic / Robotic Surgery

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