Robotic Gynecology Surgery in Athens, Greece

✓ Emergency Gynaecology Unit

✓ Available for all OBGYN Emergencies

✓ Ultrasound, Blood test , Pregnancy test, Minimal access / Robotic Surgery

✓ We accept International Private Insurance (see here)

✓ Free taxi pick up from Hotel / Airport / Port

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Affiliated with JCI and TEMOS accredited hospitals

✓ Ectopic pregnancy

✓ Miscarriage

✓ Pelvic pain

Ovarian cysts

Uterine fibroids

✓ Pelvic inflammatory disease


✓ Severe vaginal bleeding

✓ Vulvar abscesses

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The current equipment is known as da Vinci Xi model which is manufactured by Intuitive surgical, California USA. There are four main components to da Vinci: the surgeon console, patient-side cart, Endo Wrist Instruments, and Vision System with high resolution 3D Endoscope and Image Processing Equipment. The surgeon sits at the console several feet away from the operating table where he gets a magnified three- dimensional image of the surgical field with a real-time progression of the instruments. The latest version of the system has 4 arms, which are much sleeker and have wider range of motion.

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Dr. Plevris

Minimally Invasive Gynecologic / Robotic Surgery

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What our patients say

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star star star star star

by Eva K.

June 05 '23

Cancer diagnosis caused me anxiety and stress. Thank you for your detailed consultation and promt treatment. I had a hysterectomy and sentinel lymph node dissection through the robotic approach done. The surgery was excellent and the surgeon made me feel safe.

star star star star star

by Georgia K.

June 05 '23

I suffered for a long time before deciding to proceed with an operation. Luckily a great team of doctors made it look easy. I had a robotic hysterectomy done and stayed in the hospital overnight. Thank you for looking after me.

star star star star star

by Helen S.

June 05 '23

Very professional staff and great aftercare.  Was very glad to opt for robotic surgery. I had a very big fibroid removed and very minimal pain after the procedure.


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