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TALOS (Treatment in Athens LapaRobotic Surgery) intuitive care offers Gynecology procedures in Athens, Greece for overseas patients at a fraction of the cost. A group of NHS fellowship-trained surgeons uses the most innovative technology to minimize pain, scarring, and recovery time. Robotic surgery at the price of conventional surgery.

TALOS offers intuitive surgical GYN treatments, using 4th generation robotic systems to treat simple to complex gynecological cases. Only a few hours flight from home offers high level services at lower cost. Small incisions serve cosmetics. Robotic arms serve high levels of precision. The robotic camera helps stability and extreme magnification of the surgical field. Articulated small surgical instruments serve respect to healthy tissue and surrounding organs.

Highly NHS-trained doctors serve patient safety and surgical efficiency while preventing complications. Fellowship-trained minimally invasive robotic surgeons now offer such advanced procedures. We follow an enhanced recovery program so that you can return to your normal activities as soon as possible. Most of our patients stay overnight at our hospital, even in complex cases.

Let us offer you a high class, and patient orientated-personalized treatment with the most state of the art techniques using the last generation intuitive robotic systems.

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A touch of Mythology – Talos: the first robot in world history

The legend of the famous Talos, the humanoid bronze giant that guarded Minoan Crete, has traveled to every corner of the earth. Many versions have been formulated as to its origin: most traditions want it to be a divine construction, a gift from the god Hephaestus to Minos to guard Crete. In other versions, Talos was made by Zeus himself – or by Daedalus at the behest of Zeus – to give him to his beloved Europe, which later gave him to her son Minos. From the outside, Talos looked like a handsome man made of copper. He had a single vein that started in his neck and ended up in his ankles, while instead of blood, melted metal ran inside him. In his tibia there was a copper nail that did not allow the liquid that kept him alive, to spill.

The only sure thing is that Talos was not a god, nor was he born but manmade – and in fact withvery advanced specifications for that time. As a vigilant guard of the island, he crossed the coast of Crete 3 times a day and threw rocks into the sea to keep enemy ships away and keep the island safe. If the invaders had already disembarked in Crete, then Talo’s bronze body would anneal. He would then burn the enemies with his breath or would embrace them and paralyze them. The end of Talos came from the Argonauts, when they, returning from Colchis, had to face him in
order to connect to Crete. Then Medea fooled Talos, promising him immortality, and Jason took the opportunity to remove his nail from his ankle and spill all the metal that kept him alive.

Talo’s resemblance to a robot is what makes his legend so interesting and proves the high level of know-how of the ancient Greeks, which was brought to light by the discovery of the Antikythera Mechanism. The mythological references to a metallic being with great power and speed, with a hydraulic system and elements of modern engineering in its operating principles, are indeed admirable.

Just as ancient Greeks were at the forefront of scientific development by building the first robot in world history, so today we Greeks are at the heart of medical developments in robotic surgery having introduced significant innovations and having already performed tens of thousands of
robotic interventions in our country, using state-of-the-art systems and innovative techniques.

Mr. Plevris Nikolaos Gynecologist – Robotic Gynecologic Surgery

Mr Plevris is a consultant OBGYN in Metropolitan General hospital Athens, Greece . He has been trained in Greece and the UK and has completed a fellowship in Gynecological Oncology and has undertaken further training in Robotic assisted surgery and Colposcopy.He has completed his training in specialized OB/GYN departments with high case load of gynecological oncology cases and busy robotic assisted laparoscopy services. He has worked in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead , Poole General Hospital and Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford.His training has been certified by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists by awarding him with the ATSM (Advanced Training Skills Modules) certificate of Gynae Oncology as well as the accreditation from BSCCP (The British Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology).He is an active researcher, currently running research project in his field of special interest that has to do with hereditary ovarian cancer. He is a certified robotic surgeon from Da Vinci Intuitive Surgical after completing his full training on robotic cases in the NHS.He is an awarded speaker in national and international conferences at his field of interest.

Dr. Plevris

Minimally Invasive Gynecologic / Robotic Surgery

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What our patients say

star star star star star
star star star star star

by Eva K.

May 20 '24

Cancer diagnosis caused me anxiety and stress. Thank you for your detailed consultation and promt treatment. I had a hysterectomy and sentinel lymph node dissection through the robotic approach done. The surgery was excellent and the surgeon made me feel safe.

star star star star star

by Georgia K.

May 20 '24

I suffered for a long time before deciding to proceed with an operation. Luckily a great team of doctors made it look easy. I had a robotic hysterectomy done and stayed in the hospital overnight. Thank you for looking after me.

star star star star star

by Helen S.

May 20 '24

Very professional staff and great aftercare.  Was very glad to opt for robotic surgery. I had a very big fibroid removed and very minimal pain after the procedure.