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Jump waiting lists and get your surgical treatment abroad.

There shouldn’t be a gap between surgical services and offer. We are here to help you jump waiting lists and get access to the most intuitive and safe surgical care at the cost that conventional surgical techniques you would have back home. All surgeries are performed from fellowship-trained NHS surgeons who speak English fluently.

Apart from the affordable price of your surgical treatment abroad, Athens is considered to be one of the safest cities, only a few hours flight from home. No visa or particular travel documents are required apart from your passport. We can make all the arrangements to facilitate the stay of you and your family members such as hotel and flight booking, tourist attractions, and visits.

Robotic surgery is not medical sci-fi anymore!
Get your treatment within the next 30 days
The right technology in the right hands
Up to date treatment using the latest robotic systems
NHS fellowship-trained surgeons
Robotic surgery at the cost of conventional laparoscopy

Surgeons dedicated to performing minimally invasive procedures are committed to personalized treatment for every individual patient. Robotic-assisted procedures are considered safe and effective. It is appropriate for most patients, but not for all.

Let’s discuss your treatment options.

If you are a surgical candidate for robotic surgery, skilled robotic surgeons with high-end equipment will be able to offer you treatment and relief of your symptoms.

Dr. Plevris

Minimally Invasive Gynecologic / Robotic Surgery

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