Endometriosis Excision

Endometriosis Excision

Robotic-Assisted laparoscopic excision of endometriosis is used to diagnose and treat endometriosis. In most patients, it takes up to 7 years since the initiation of symptoms for them to be diagnosed with endometriosis. It is a benign condition that can cause severe pain, bleeding, and infertility. Assessment involves ultrasound evaluation, and a biopsy is usually taken during laparoscopy to confirm the diagnosis.

Surgical treatment of endometriosis

Surgical treatment of endometriosis can be highly successful in dealing with pain and infertility issues.
Extreme care needs to be taken to protect structures around the endometriosis lesions. Most sites of endometriosis arise from the ovary. Hence it is crucial to preserve the surrounding ovarian tissue and minimize the reduction of the ovarian reserve (number of follicles left behind after completion of surgery).

Minimally invasive removal of ovarian endometriomas / endometriotic cysts is proven to be the gold-standard treatment of ovarian endometriosis. These results are justified with regards to symptoms improvement, spontaneous pregnancy rate, and endometriosis recurrence rate after minimally invasive surgery.

When robotic technology is used, delicate movements, surgical stability, magnification of the surgical field, and less than 5mm instrument tips account for maximum respect towards healthy ovarian tissue.

Benefits of Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopy

Faster recovery
Less pain
Less estimated blood loss
Earlier oral intake
Lower wound infection rates
Lower post-op bleeding
Shorter hospital stay (typically overnight stay)
Better cosmetic results
Quicker return to normal activities

Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Excision of Endometriosis

Surgeons dedicated to performing minimally invasive procedures are committed to personalized treatment for every individual patient. Robotic-assisted procedures are considered safe and effective. It is appropriate for most patients, but not for all.
Let’s discuss your treatment options.
If you are a surgical candidate for robotic surgery, skilled robotic surgeons with high-end equipment will be able to offer you treatment and relief of your symptoms.